Brazil Espirito Santo


Region: Montanhas do Espirito Santo, Brazil

Farm: Rancho Dartas

Producer: Antonio Deloi de Moura

Varietal: Catuai, Yellow Catuai

Process: Washed

Coffee is produced in 14 different regions of Brazil across seven estates. This regional diversity is one of the main factors which ensure that Brazil has a variety of cupping profiles on offer.The region of Espirito Santo has varied geography and microclimates and has been seen to produce excellent Arabica coffees with unique cup profiles. 

Antônio Deloi de Moura and his family spent many years working as pickers and employees on other coffee farms, dreaming of one day owning their own property. That dream came true in 2003, when they bought a cleared piece of land that showed potential as a farm—but was bare of crops, and required starting from scratch. By the next year, the family had planted their first coffee trees, and by 2010 they were depulping their own cherries on a neighbor's property, but by 2015 they had full-scale operations on the farm, including their own depulpers, covered patios, mechanical dryers, and the ability to separate lots for microlots. In 2017, teh family was rewarded for their long investments and hard work by placing fifth and sixth in a coffee-quality contest in Espirito Santo, held by Bourbon Specialty Coffees.

Antônio Deloi de Moura is committed to regular soil analysis and constant upgrading of his processing and technology. The picking is done selectively and by hand, and the coffee trees are visited multiple times throughout the harvest to get the best quality. The coffee is fermented for 12 hours after depulping, and washed before being put on covered patios to dry, and finished in mechanical dryers.

In The Cup: Sweet peaches, tangerine, caramel

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