El Salvador La Montanita


Country: El Salvador

Region: Chalatenango

Producer: Antonio Rene Aguilar, Finca La Montanita

Variety: Pacamara

Altitude: 1500 masl

Process: Fully washed


El Salvador has traditionally been known for its bigger estates in Santa Ana. Chalatenango wasn’t really on the map until the Cup of Excellence competition began. The first year of CoE, Santa Ana was in the top places. The second year Chalatenango was “discovered.” This area has had good results due to its significant climate difference from Santa Ana (it’s much cooler) and its Pacamara variety.  Pacamara is a cross between a naturally-occuring hybrid Pacas and the so-called "elephant-bean" cultivar, Maragogype (known for it's low-yield trees with huge bean size). The result is a non-traditional cup character with medium body, bright and lively acidity and unusual flavor profiles.

La Montanita is a fairly small farm of 17.5 Hecatares in total, planted entirely with the large-bean Pacamara cultivar. René Aguilar has worked alongside his family producing coffee his entire life. René’s farm size is 25 hectares, and his processing includes a 10 to 12 hour fermentation time, along with an 8 to 10 day patio drying time. While the farm is not organic certified, like many coffee farms it could be, the Aguilars do not use herbicides and practice manual weed control. They use organic fertilizers like chicken manure, coffee pulp and they count on nature for insect control.

In the cup: spice aromatics, milk chocolate, apple, ripe berries

price: $17.50

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