Honduras Los Ochoa


Country: Honduras

Region: La Montanita El Eden

Farmer: Francisco Fredy Ochoa

Variety: Parainema

Altitude: 1550 masl

Process: Washed

Fredy Ochoa has lived on the property all his life. A small dirt path leads down to
Fredy’s house, and the coffee plantation creeps down the mountain slopes,
undulating in a semicircular amphitheater. The coffee plantation is immaculate; the coffee plants are lush green already with green coffee beans bursting in bunches from their branches.
Fredy grew up with his family on this property, a family dedicated to agriculture,
particularly maize, beans and vegetables. In 2012, Fredy inherited a portion of the
property from his mother when she passed away and he began with only 200 coffee plants. Slowly he kept planting coffee over the years. He was very nervous when he first began with coffee, he was the first in his family to establish a coffee finca – things looked like it would be an uphill battle. But slowly, through the support of his cooperative, he has been attending workshops and trainings on coffee planting, processing and more. Since his first crop 3 years ago, every year since he has maintained an 87 score with his Parainema and Ruiru 11 varietals.

In the cup: Sweet caramel aroma , nutmeg, kiwi, and sweet apple

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